True crime stories from the case files of Philip R. Klein, Private Investigator
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Meet Tom Landon who is a dedicated and honorable man recruited into an elite team of men and women with the CIA whose lives read like a hero’s story. That is until fate and stare him in the face. What would a man of honor and duty do when he is assigned to find and rescue the girl he loved from the past?

Investigator Philip Klein takes you through Tom Landon’s life and his decision he must make as he his faced with off’s in the game of life that only a few win.

  • Author, Philip Klein The Klein Files author, Philip Klein opens his case files.
  • The Denuncio P.I. Philip Klein goes in deep with the CIA. Witness tough decisions as one man is ultimately torn between love and serving his country.
  • Lost At Sea The first book in The Klein Files true life series