True crime stories from the case files of Philip R. Klein, Private Investigator
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Money, greed, fame, and a missing ladies' man.

It's the stuff of dreams, or at least the stuff of television dreams...


When Patrick MdDermott, former boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John, went on a fishing trip in June 2005 and didn't come back, the whole world was awash with speculation. Did he fall overboard? Was he murdered? Or did he walk from life and start a new life south of the border?

Investigator Philip R. Klein and his team spent years looking for Patrick, under the watchful eyes of an MSNBC television camera crew, and for the first time ever, in this tell-all account of the case, Philip reveals all the secrets of his findings.

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The Players

  • Philip Klein
    Philip Klein Private Investigator, hired by Dateline NBC to hunt down and find the missing Patrick McDermott by any means necessary.
  • Patrick McDermott
    Patrick McDermott Father, Hollywood set builder, playboy. Mysteriously vanishes after a fishing trip. Presumed dead, though no body was ever found.
  • Olivia Newton-John
    Olivia Newton-John Ex-girlfriend of Patrick McDermott. Relationship ended only days before his disappearance.
  • Yvette Nipar
    Yvette Nipar The beautiful femme-fatale ex-wife of Patrick McDermott. Mother of his son.