Lost At Sea: Update

Since we began this project with Dateline NBC years ago - we have had one effort in our office - that is to remember that there is a young man out there that has lost his father. Since day one - his mother - Yvette Nipar has worked hard to deflect investigators, befriend public investigators to spin them, and try, in the name of "protecting her child," to befriend those that help her . Our team has worked hard through documentation and interviews that we hold even today to insure that the truth be told in this story. Thus the book and documentation of such.

As scared as Yvette is for the public to hear the truth - she has begun a campaign on Amazon to prevent the public from hearing "the other side of the story" as she likes to say. And to protect her relationship in our opinion with Olivia Newton John who sells lots of T-Shirts for her.

So today we release to the general public some documents that we have (over 1,500 pages) as Ms. Nipar continues to not tell the truth to the public - and refuse to sign her name to the underground campaign to slow or stop the sale of the book.

Nipar started her campaign with Amazon in a letter that we release to you today where she reverts to name calling, which our legal counsel is "working with her on" at this time. Here is the letter to Amazon. Yvette Nipar's Amazon.com complaint letterPhoto :: Yvette Nipar's letter to Amazon.com

Investigators always look for "Patterns Of Behavior" in those that attempt to cover up the truth. One of those patterns is using others to do your bidding. We call it "deflecting". It is a Hollywood tradition.

We see that even today in Ms. Nipar's pattern of behavior beginning with her first report to police when she was caught crying to the owners of the pier - then seen laughing while talking on her cell phone. Then refusing to work with investigators - to the point of attempting to contact them - and after not hearing what she wants or cooperating with a DNA test - calling a false police report to LAPD - only to be shut down.

For the first time - we are releasing those documents here today!

Yvette Nipar Complaint To LAPD And Our Response :
Nipar LAPD complaint

LA County DA's Final Denial Of Complaint :
LAPD DA Nipar denial letter

There has been much discussion from Ms. Nipar that we lied about the Insurance Joke. Ms. Nipar is very sensitive to the question of insurance and the insurance "joke" and the suggestion that she had financial motives.  Here is the copy of the Joke documented by Casey Clark - a passenger on the boat. And here is the copy of Ms. Nipar's bankruptcy.

Here are those documents :
Clark Joke and Nipar Bankruptcy

Again - these are only two different sets of documents that we have. Now we beg the question why Ms. Nipar is so sensitive to the questions asked and most importantly - what is she trying to hide and cover up?

We think we answered those questions in the book. We hope you will read the book and see the information through our investigators eyes.

More to come! Stay tuned.